Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-04-16T09:15:36-04:00

Get the answers to insurance frequent questions including costs, coverages, minimum requirements, certificates and more

In order to write a policy or insurance program with Victoria is there a minimum amount of premium required?2021-02-09T21:17:24-04:00

No, we don’t focus on a minimum or maximum dollar amount of premium, but we do focus on what it costs us to underwrite, create actuarial pricing, and the ability to manage the insurance policy or program.

Is there a specific industry you prefer to insure over others?2021-02-09T21:17:24-04:00

No, we look at the unique needs of each candidate, and how a solution will assist in its success.  We consider ourselves Generalists of specialty insurance, and do not focus on whether the risk is too small or too large.

What states do you do business in?2021-02-15T15:29:28-04:00

We write business with US based clients, wherever they operate Worldwide.

Do you partner with retail insurance brokers, MGA’s and Program Managers?2021-02-09T21:17:24-04:00

Yes, we welcome the chance to work with experts in the industry with established track records and concepts we see mutually beneficial.

Do you work with startup Insurtechs?2021-02-09T21:17:24-04:00

Yes, we are very committed to the Insurtech community, our team has several years, creating, using and consulting within the insurtech community.  Our traditional insurance  background matched with our understanding of tech has given us a unique ability alongside our partner companies, to launch both low and high dollar insurance programs.

How have you prepared for the current hard market?2021-02-09T21:17:24-04:00

In addition to Victoria, we have a unique brokerage and captive insurance company structure that allows us to give clients a chance to directly lower their upfront costs, premium and fees.  And at the same time give our partner agents, MGA’s and Program Managers the chance to create their own insurance solutions in addition to Victoria.

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