We are a highly flexible insurance provider

Our approach is simple, as long as we can price, underwrite, understand and calculate the probability of loss and profit and those all make sense, no program is too small or too large for our team to jump on.

Redefining Insurance Coverages

Simple solution‐processed approach for any coverage

Victoria Corporate LTD is a culmination between insurance industry leaders. It’s beginning came from a passion for boots on the ground client facing insurance program creations matched with a real understanding and expertise in how Captive insurance companies should truly be used to take on risks that are truly hard to place and at the same time viewed as too small or difficult for traditional insurers to embrace.

We bring over 25 years of industry experience

Victoria Insurance surrounds itself with knowledgeable insurance thought leaders to create solutions for managers, wholesalers, retail insurance agents, CPA’s, and anyone looking to assist their clients with the right insurance solutions.

With over 25 years of providing like, kind and quality insurance to both front end clients and through multiple agents, Jeff Kleid one of our company’s founders has been creating insurance solutions that have changed the way programs and profitability are viewed. Regardless of whether it has been policies that cost $150 per year or $100,000 for a few months, Jeff has regularly found the right partner for the risk with the philosophy that if underwritten correctly and it’s a valid claim the client will benefit. At the same time, if underwritten correctly, and the client is happy with the protection but doesn’t need it, the insurance company benefits, so, yes it truly can be win win, if done correctly.

In a completely opposite and yet equally effective manner, Jeremy Columbik one of Victorias other founders comes armed with a solid insurance background, first as a front line Life insurance agent who early on tackled the truly hard to place and hard to underwrite life cases. And at the same time started to understand, then ultimately went on to build the top tier Captive Management companies in the US. The differentiator for Jeremy and his team, is that they look for true risk and exposure to assist the Captive Insurance partners and clients. With a CPA designation, Jeremy has the unique ability to instantly look at the math, the numbers, the true essence of what every insurance really is about. Will the client get paid out, if there is a claim? And if so, will we as an insurer continue to be profitable. Again, Simple math.

Featured Coverages

On any given day, members of the Victoria family have placed insurance and handled claims for $40 million dollar films, multiple franchised retail and hospitality chains, private aviation, personal trainers, special events, travel insurance, phone protection plans, warranties, and almost everything in between.

Entertainment Industry

Personal Device Protection

Automobile Excess

Travel and Event Insurance

Hemp Industry & Adjacent Markets

Private Aviation Insurance

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